Concentration – Blocking pain with my attention

Just an ordinary sunny day, when I quietly slipped out of a coffee shop, carefully planning to catch the heavy door behind me on my fingers, to soften the blow of the closing. Instead, the nice anti-burglary ridge around the door stuck out and teaming up with the door frame hit my finger in the middle of a phalanx.

Yeow, that struck really hard. I rushed with my attention to the explosion of pain to try and contain it. Within a fraction of a second after the blow, my attention was in place and the pain had completely stopped. Phew, that was not so bad after all. I concluded that the hurt had not been so bad after all. It had been gone so easy. I realized that I would still have an influence holding my attention, but I believed that the effect could not be so big that it would allow me to fully block out the pain that had seemed so terrible at the start. So, the pain must be already gone. I released the hold of my attention and as if the door fell on my finger again, the same pain struck me. Woow! Instantly I renewed my grip and again was able to completely block the pain. To be sure I held the block in place for several minutes, now that I knew I could not feel if the pain had really gone.

A year and a half later, I pressed my finger and felt the sharp pain that indicated that the nerve had not yet completely restored.

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