Chapter Two – Out-of-body experiences

From since I was a teenager I had had some disturbing experiences shortly after going to bed. I would hear and feel loud vibrations while unable to move my body. The first time I got quite scared, yet my breathing went so slow that I feared that I might be dieing. After several minutes of this ordeal I finally could move again.

This kind of event would happen any now and then over the years. I learned not to scare too much and I found that I could have a slight influence on my breathing and although still very slow, it would not be a problem anymore. But I would still fight to move my body, which I could only after the vibrations would have dissipated. The episodes would never last more than several minutes.Well, you must have guessed already that I had merely fallen asleep, while my mind was still wide awake. You are years ahead of me, I had no clue. At one point a friend had suggested that the vibrations were related to out-of-body experiences, but I had not been able to confirm that.

First by the time I was nineteen something dream-like happened during such an event. I got a visit from my mother, who was still alive then. She was distinctly not in my room but brought shreds of another environment with her appearing somewhere above me. My mother’s eyes looked distant and dreamy. She spoke and said something about cars and their exhausts that had her worried. In her words was a suggestion about an illness that generated a swift tremor in my body. It surprised me, because until then I had never had such a strong sensation in my body. The vibrations dissipated and I wrestled myself awake. It had not been an out-of-body experience but now I understood that the events belonged to the realm of the dream.


The time I find out that I was indeed able to go out of my body when I could not move actually came as a big surprise. Understanding that I was sleeping was not of much solace, I was worried and felt powerless. I was determined to learn to regain control over my immobilized body. I lay on my back in the middle of the night and strong and loud vibrations had again encapsulated my body. Once I realized that it had begun I started out to break the barrier. Moving my body by conventional means appeared out of the question, so I tried something else this time. I concentrated intently to collect enough will power and tried to shock myself into moving. I suddenly sat upright in my bed, but I was still surrounded by the loud vibrations and unable to move any further. I felt I had gained some result though, so I focused to try again. At that time I lived in a small room. My bed was between the wall and my sofa. When I had collected new power I flung myself onto the sofa.

What happened then I had obviously not unexpected. As light as a feather I landed on my sofa, bouncing softly once or twice. I saw the couch in the dim light of the moon as if I was looking through water. With a shock I understood that I was out of my body. The next instant I was back in bed and able to move again as if it had never been a problem.

That day I learned I could get out of my body and it became part of my life to have out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams and do astral traveling. Strike two.


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