Chapter Three – Speaking spirits

Some adventures, right? To have an astonishing significant clairvoyant moment without any guessing and special effects included, and to learn that we have a subtle body that can be connected with our physical body or come out of it. It is amazing how much we can ignore as human beings. Dreams always seems to be on a different level and are easy to forget, or not even remembered at all. Even while I considered my success with the playing card significant and became very interested in telepathy and clairvoyance, I did not even try to repeat the success. It is quite hard to convince someone, since the rational mind is like gravity to our world view and even if it does not object too much, it may simply help us forget.

So, on the whole it did not even impress me very much when I had another special dream. Amidst the vibrations I became aware that I was slinging around the top of my bed. I officially had lain on my belly, arms slightly bent above my head and my hands folded around the metal frame of a simple camp bed. The pace of my rotating increased to a speed that must have enabled an audience to hear a loud zoom. I only saw my hands around the frame and I sensed a vast blackness surrounding me. I feared that if I were to let go I would be slung out of my life and into my death. My hands instantly let go as a response to the thought. Likely, if I not had been so quick in stretching my arms and grabbing hold again, I could reassuringly tell you how nothing bad had happened. But I was still slinging round and round with my head in my neck and my back in the wind. Suddenly, a loud and booming voice sounded. ‘So, Albert, now you believe in supernatural beings again?’ I saw nobody and was hugely surprised. The vibrations stopped and I awoke.


I just found this little anecdote in my notes. Of course I remember it, but when I set out to write this chapter I had not thought about it at all, even while it is a beautifully dramatic piece for a book… It did have some impact on me of course, but there was not something or someone I could deal with, it all happened far away in some sort of half-dream that had just began to incorporate itself into my life. However, somewhere around that time I had an idea.

I had heard about crazy folks hearing voices and all. Well, I was obviously not crazy but I decided that what they can do I can. So, I simply started to listen. See if I could hear anything. It didn’t take long for short remarks to sprout from unseen sources, so to speak. And even if my imagination had helped to set off this phenomenon, it soon became more than that. Some benign remarks, some words of wisdom, never totally unrelated words and eventually an increasing amount of intimidating phrases. Wow, that caused a rush of blood any now and then, when an frightening idea had reach my inner ear. Luckily there was no elaborate strategy to get me all messed up. The ideas were usually meant to have acute effect on me. For instance while walking on the street and a voice said I would die within five minutes. Wow, help, what is this, look out! But five minutes later I am still alive. And while I realized it would be impossible to go back to not registering any whispering from the unseen, I simply learned not to respond and ignore the scary voices.

But maybe these negative voices where not more than a play of some kids on the schoolyard. One of the half-dreams in that period, was on the same note as these voices. Shortly after I fell asleep, my mind woke up due to the strong tremors. I was still orienting myself when a high pitched cackling laughter sounded, exactly as the maniacal exhilaration of an evil witch can be portrayed. It seemed actually designed to be sounding inside my head, like if I had gone crazy. My only emotional response, however, was a minute shiver. I could easily distinguish the lack of emotional realness and I was still save within the confines of my body, an energetic zone of comfort.

The laughter stopped after a while and a shouting of insults and nasty words followed, a bit more distant, with in the background the sound of a tennis ball being hit over a court. It appeared to be two guys harassing me. From within my body I could not see much other than a dim light where the voices originated. The setting was not inviting enough for me to go for an out-of-body trip and I could easily wake myself up.


Don’t worry too much about this unseen reality, with or without hearing voices. Many barriers created by our focus exist and I had simply opened up to some random voices when I started to listen. If you worry about these things you may in fact open up a little window, but even then, as I learned, they never actually were able to distract me even when they played on the fears and worries that I then still had.


After I had decided to ignore these mean voices with such a low quality input to my thoughts, they eventually subsided. Their presence in a half-dream may in fact have been a last attempt to get me involved by scaring me.


And I may have opened one of the doors of perception with my little experiment, hence the following half-dream. Just after falling asleep, I heard one of my good friends was talking to me. A little away, I saw him sitting without any significant environment. He told me about his concerns regarding his relationship. I didn’t say anything and I assume that he was talking to me, but he was also distant and not focusing on me at all. I was listening from inside my body and I had raised myself a little on my dream arm. At that time I was unaware of any problems in their relationship. They were two years together and would be for sixteen more. But then again he usually kept to himself with more intimate details about his life. I listened to him between five and ten minutes.


Everything that passes the revue here in this early part of the book will be revisited more extensively with the collected experiences of many years that allow me to put things in perspective. In this section I can merely present things more or less how they occurred to me at that time.


So the bullies were no longer interested after I ignored them, yet I was really happy to find that the wise whispers had remained to add commentary to my experiences. Usually just a loose word that I had to unfold to grasp the full meaning and never more than a half phrase.

A few years before already an incident had taken place, which I had never considered with too much earnest. I was with a girl in her room, when we saw an apparition. Initially I had not spotted it because it appeared behind me in the really small room. After she had mentioned it, I turned around and saw a benign old man in a toga with a staff, as a projection in a red hue. I would say Greek, but there have been many times and cultures where men wore togas and carried staffs. All the time he appeared there had not been any communication and he had not even moved before he disappeared after several minutes. Afterward we compared what we saw, but she had only seen the apparition as a blur of red light.

I had never tried to clarify that event, or been able to find a reason why it had appeared. In such cases we simply forget it ever happened, but now I remembered and since he had been interested in me enough to show himself, I considered the option that he was one of the voices. It gave me a focus and I started to talk to him on a daily basis. But there where more of them.


Just to give an impression of the quality of the communications, once I even had to look up a word, dilettante. And they used the concept of tuning an organ as a metaphor. I understood directly what they meant with it, because I could see the meaning at the time, but I also inquired into it to learn that it actual makes sense in the everyday world as well. An organ apparently you can not tune by simply tuning the individual pipes to each other as you can with the strings of a guitar. With an organ you have to tune hundreds and sometimes thousands of pipes to all sound harmoniously together. All pipes are slightly off key and between the pipes this effect may grow. The tuning may even be affected by playing louder or softer. So it is a concept of a complex balance instead of an easy balance for which you do not need to take the whole into consideration.

But what about strike three? It is all very nice what’s been said here, you say, but I do not see the knock-out yet. Well, I am getting to that.

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