Chapter Four – Incidental interview with an angel

A dear friend of mine, who was also very interested in the actual investigation of reality instead of just learning about it from another, had some ideas of his own. On two prior occasions we had tried to get into contact with non-physical entities. In short, he would open himself up to an entity to come and talk through him. After very careful deliberations by which we would make sure that no creepy spook would feel at home. And although these sessions that would go on to the next day, were very impressive, I could not vouch for the quality of information given or even the unclouded authenticity of the sessions and therefor I am not going to share any of the ideas that passed by.

The third time however did strike gold. My friend Richard believed that we always needed a third person present. This session we were alone initially and when my housemate Alexander entered the scene as the third party he therefor was very welcome.

Actually he was rather out of tune. He had been smoking hashish and we hesitantly allowed him to continue to smoke his pipe in my room. However, he had not partaken in our ad hoc ritual of monotonous singing and meditation to clean our hearts and to align our mind with good intentions. So, I asked him to join us in our mood cleansing. He made a few reproachful sounds, so I repeated my request a bit more intently, but it was soon clear that he was in no state of mind to make any effort. He seemed far away and remarked that something negative in an unfinished oil painting I was working on, was bothering him. I tried to ignore that remark, since the painting was not completed and therefor not ready for the critics yet, but he insisted that he had a stream of negative thoughts that frightened him.

I could see that Alexander was not doing well. I shared my concerns with my friend, but he would not allow himself to be distracted and I let it go again, until it was very obviously going bad for my housemate. At that time he did not just look very weary but also started shaking. I broke through the reluctance of Richard to get involved in earthly matters and he acknowledged the seriousness of his condition.

Alexander would not be brought to his senses and responded very averse when we tried to get through to him, shivering and shaking. We had at that time concluded that he was possessed by something we had attracted. Since we had noticed that he was not doing well, his behavior had become increasingly erratic with strong involuntary movements. My friend had his rather unconventional ideas of how to exorcise this influence and essentially  to get him under control, rode the back of Alexander in my little room. Alexander behaved similar to  an untamed horse at the rodeo, bocking up and down and on several jumps of my housemate they both came loose from the floor.

Quite a spectacle, but I was of course very concerned. I was considering what I could do and remembered a remark in a book I read from the Dutch psychic Van der Zeeuw, Clear Knowing (Helder Weten). The book was mainly about out-of-body experiences, but he had also had requests from his clients for help when occasionally their teenagers behaved as if the were possessed. He wrote that he did not know what to do, but being a Christian he had resorted to prayer. And he wrote, it always worked. The alleged possessions would end shortly after his prayers. I thought it was worth a try. I was not convinced that it would be a matter of form and I figured that if I were able to put out a request for help high above into the unknown I had a change in getting the help. So silently I presented my request as high as I could. Or whatever dimension is appropriate. Luckily something beautiful happened that makes the accuracy of words a lot less important here.

After a while he calmed down. With his back to my couch, I sat with him to check his condition. And just to learn about his response I asked him a simple question.

‘What are you going to do now?’

‘Waiting’, he responded.

Still just making conversation, I asked him ‘How long are you going to wait?’.

He opened his eyes, looked at the table where an empty bottle of wine was sitting and said: ‘As long as there has been wine in that bottle.’

That triggered an alert with me. I had not known him to speak so enigmatically. So, I asked him if he was someone other than Alexander and he simply nodded. Wow.

He agreed to answer our questions and even though he talked through a different person than we had planned that evening, we got what we asked for, a meeting with a spirit. And for those who think I concluded a bit too quickly that it was not Alexander we were talking to, the following will have to clear that doubt.

‘Why are you here?’, I asked.

His answer allowed no incorrect interpretation anymore.

‘Someone heard you and asked me to help.’

Strike three. You’re out!

As simple as that. Someone had heard me. While my two friends were deeply involved in either being possessed or playing rodeo, someone had in fact heard my silent request for help. And had asked him to help. That was convincing. It pushed forward the notion that our inner reality is open ended and there is a special validity to our inner experiences. It was as if I had set up a double blind experiment and here was the significant result. Nobody could have guessed that I had done anything, I had not made any overt actions while making my plea for help, I had not even folded my hands together in prayer. But even without this reality check, it would have been a convincing event. We spent the entire night, well into the light of the morning, listening to an entity that said he’d never had a physical life. Who talked through the body of my housemate about things the guy had never thought about. And although he remarked that our ideas about angels were as distorted as referring to our world as a carnival, he acknowledged that he could be called an angel.

For several years I carried a notebook to write down the words I remembered from the night we had a visitor from another realm of reality who had come especially to help a friend of mine and who was found willing to answer our questions.

“Are you an angel?” my friend asked.

“You could say that,” my housemate’s body said with a mild smile, “but, the ideas you have about angels are as far off from reality as describing Earth as a merry-go-round.”

“Are you from the same regions as Christ, then”, my friend asked.

“Christ is one of the oldest among us,” came the reply.

“Could you take upon yourself the role of Christ”, I asked.

“Well, yes, but that would not be good for your friend. Christ spoke through Jesus. Jesus needed such a life.” After a short pause he lifted the ban of dogma, “Jesus also had his weaknesses.”

I wondered if recorded history had not given us a full insight into such matters, so I asked: “Have there been other christs we did not hear about or that maybe had less influence.”

He acknowledged that there had been more christs. “Some christs do more than others,” he added.

Well, well, you got an angel in your room and your perspective on history and religion changes effortlessly. All this talk about christs raised my curiosity because Christ was said to be able to perform miracles and the story of him turning water into wine came to mind. So, I boldly asked him if he could fill the bottle with wine again.

“Yes, I could,” he answered, “but I don’t have permission for that.”

I don’t think he had to go to angel town hall to get a permit, but I failed to ask him more about it. Who knows how natural, from his position, it is to abide by the natural laws of a certain reality or dimension and maybe under certain conditions these laws are indeed bypassed. He certainly acknowledged that it was impossible. My friend asked one more question about something he had thought about: “Is the story about the birth of Jesus also a prophecy”.

“Yes, it is.”

A very interesting answer, yet I was a bit more critical of the revered book, so I verified: “There is not much truth in the bible, right?”

“Indeed, there is not much truth in the bible.”


With all that out of the way, we came to think of our friend again, who was lending his body to this benevolent spirit who had saved him from harm.

“How did Alexander become possessed?”, I asked.

“Through a confluence of circumstances. You captured something in your painting that troubled Alexander.”

That was what Alexander had said before it got really bad. We know he had been smoking hashish in his pipe and that must have contributed to his state of dissociation. As for the influence of the abstract drawing, I had tried to peek over the borders of my ordinary perception, into the unknown while making shapes that did not necessarily represent anything visual to me. Apparently I got something non-physical in my visor. What it meant to capture something in my painting, I forgot to ask further clarification. As with many things that night we didn’t ask further if we didn’t understand. Well, we thought we did understand most of the time, only later I would have some questions. He spoke more directly to us than written words do. If I tell what I understood, it would be that with my painting of the unknown I had opened a perspective on a living consciousness in the non-physical. I don’t think that I captured anything beyond the meaning of capturing something in a photograph. Contact with the entity in that perspective may have disturbed Alexander and the imprint on him was what caused the possession. Very likely his fear has contributed in the process.

“What can we do so that the painting won’t do any more damage?”

“You can burn it.”

It had started to rain hard outside. We postponed the burning for the time being.

“Can Alexander hear us too?” I asked.

“Yes, Alexander is here too and he can hear everything”.

“What did I do?”, asked my friend, who referred to his ritualistic actions while riding the back of a suspected demon.

“You sucked.”

Probably that too. Being very inexperienced in the art of exorcism, his ritual had not worked. In Dutch the word is not used as failing. Our guest meant that my friend had tried to suck the influence out of my housemate’s body. Mentally of course. Interesting here is that the spirit talking to us, knew what my friend had been trying to do mentally. He will have noticed the dynamic when he took over the body. From my position I saw someone being manhandle. Our guest did not have to ask what was meant with the question.

“Can I also become possessed,” I asked.

“That won’t be your fate”, he said with certainty.

“Can you tell us, if it is good that we invoke spirits,” Richard asked.

“You do it only once a month, that is not too much,” he explained. “But you will have to be aware that you can also attract other influences.”

“Was it a good preparation that we first cleaned the room and our thoughts”.

“Yes, that was good.”

“How can we be talking with a spirit, now,” Richard asked.

“That can happen because you believe in it.”


Interviewing an angel gave an opportunity for asking questions to which the answer is considered to be the most illusive, so I dared the big one.

“What is the meaning of live on Earth,” I asked.

“You are developing your awareness until you are aware of everything in your dimension. Your development will blacken your soul,” he said enigmatically. “O, black sounds negative to you,” he read our mental reaction. “Let’s say then it leads to completely coloring your souls.”

“How many lives do we need to color the soul?” Richard asked.

He pointed at a small cone of incense, smoking on the table and said: “How many cones will it take to blacken this room?”

Not an approximation of a concrete number, but apparently we need a lot of lives. We got several personal answers on the topic and we continued our interview with the question: “Can people become aware of their past lives?”

“People may be able to remember past lives when that information is included in their cone,” he said, elaborating on the metaphor, “when it is needed to continue a development in this live.”

Then he volunteered exotic information: “There also are cores that stray from their own dimension and get born in your world. That may be people who can do things other people can’t. Their cone is actually made up for another setting.”

Then I asked, “What happens after one has become aware of everything in our dimension?”

“Then you will enter our dimension.”

“What is it that you are doing in your dimension?”

“Our primary activity is love.”

Wow. That was what he was doing here, too. He helped someone and now was kindly answering our questions without any form of personal importancy or manipulation.

“Does love also exist in our dimension,” we fell a bit prey to black and white thinking.

“Yes, love also exists in your dimension.” Then he continued: “We also have our limitations,” and after a pause: “I also don’t know everybody.”

Another wow. Limitations yes, but of the order of not knowing everybody.

Then he volunteered, “we also do not know if god exists.”

No doubt about the divine nature of reality of course. He directly came from there – the non-physical that exists in and through our physical reality. What he must have meant was the answer to the question of the existence of a divine super being behind the screens, that even they can’t perceive. I recognize the dilemma. If something greater than myself tells me it is god, how can I verify or falsify that? Who knows on what level such a super being has its existence, intimately part of his creation, yet worlds away from the level of our existence. Even in the understanding of the interconnectedness and the oneness of all existence, there may still be a part of all that is, that is huge compared to the most enormous entity. Or whatever.

And then another all time favorite: “Is there life on other planets?”

“Yes, there is. Eventually Flying Saucers will come to Earth.”

He actually said flying saucers.

“Are some planets higher developed than others?”, I asked him, a bit worried that our planet would not rank among the highest.

“Indeed, the level of development is not of the same degree on all planets.” After a short pause, he added with a kind smile: “Earth is not the lowest developed system,” he read my thoughts.

“Psychology is still very immature,” I pondered.

“Well,” he shared, “it can still help people. But it will be a long time before mankind can support itself.”

His words gave me a nostalgic feeling of being present in the middle of a distant past.

As a pointer, he gave: “People exaggerate a lot. They perceive too much as negative.”

I asked him about an out-of-body experience that I had. When I came out of my body a “cosmic storm” blew strongly on me. I tried to resist and even began to radiate light when I tried hard to counteract the force, but to no avail. Like I was in a sandstorm and got scrubbed. Eventually I had to go back into my body.

He did not ask for the details of my dream, but answered: “That was a warning.”

Shortly after the dream I had got a heavy fever, which I hardly ever have or had. The storm would have been a warning to be careful with my body and instead I used a lot of my surplus power to stupidly fight the cosmic elements. Often when the energy of my physical body was unbalanced I would sense all sorts of energetic tendencies just after falling asleep. I will describe that in more detail later. Monroe’s advice on dealing with cosmic storms works well. Just let yourself blow with them. You will soon be out of range and can start dreaming. The storms and other energetic events happen in relation to of the body’s energies.

I asked him what the purpose was of my out-of-body experiences and he replied: “To collect information.”

Then I told him how hard I had to work to clean myself from the dirt I picked up energetically always when I had been with other people. In those early years I telepathically picked up a lot of vibrations that I could not deal with. He helped me change my perspective in a healthy way.

“It is not dirt you pick up, Albert.”

I learned to look at the phenomenon in another way and soon realized that indeed it was not mere negative energy, but simply information. And in that respect it could well be that I picked up something that someone was struggling with, nervousness, or even the occasional headaches. But when you know that even a headache is made up of information, you will soon learn a lot.


Richard and I had been philosophizing that random chance did not exist. We had the idea that in our culture we believe in chance because the rational mind simply does not recognize the cause. So, we asked him if random chance exists.

“No,” he confirmed, “in your dimension there is no random chance.”

“So, it does exist in your dimension,” I induced.

“Yes,” he replied, “it does exist in our dimension. Well,” he continued, “it also exists in your dimension, but you need not worry about it.”

“Are you behind the workings of the I Ching?” I asked.

“Yes we are,” he smiled.

That was also the explanation given in the I Ching itself. Celestial beings were thought to manipulate the outcome of the throwing of the coins. Chance was undetermined and therefor allowed for such a subtle influence. Unclaimed territory.

“Why don’t you use the I Ching anymore?”

A significant feat, because it was true. I had given no indication that already for a long time I had not used the Book of Changes. On the contrary, we were talking about the use of the oracle and he knew that I had not consulted the book for quite some time and implicitly advised that I did. Which is good advise, the book offers a well balanced psychology for the sincere. Suddenly I picked up on something. “You’re almost not aware that you are here with us,” I asked him.

He smiled calmly and agreed. I had caught a glimpse of the enormity of the being that I was talking with.


He took a package of tobacco from the table and rolled himself a cigarette. When he lit it, my friend asked why he was smoking.

“I am in the body of Alexander and it needs a cigarette,” was the answer. Until the morning he only smoked two.


I always wanted to do good in the world, so I asked him: “How can I do good?”

“You already do enough good.” he released me. “For instance, if you make a painting that other people like, you do good,” he said.

“What do you think of my paintings,” I tried.

“That’s for others to decide,” he replied. And added: “How many people paint with their fingers?”


When it had stopped raining, he commented on our laziness and my friend hurried outside to burn my painting in an empty oil can the landlord kept in the garden.

In the meantime he answered some questions, but also volunteered information. He told me that one of my friends had not been on Earth for a long time. He told me that Goethe had also made an error. And we talked about Buddha, who in addition to his mental control still needed fresh vegetables and could still get sick from influences from outside. What a refreshing insight. Why is it that we human beings make our hero’s shine to perfection? Are we afraid they are as feeble as the next man when they are presented any less than perfect? Do we need them as infallible guardians or as healthy examples? I don’t think any of these guys themselves cultivated the image of perfection. It alienates. No matter how high they really flew, it is very healthy to be able to relate to them in true proportion.


I asked his advise on the mundane topic of doing the dishes. I told him how Alexander and I struggled with it. The house we lived in got an enormous supply of pans, pots, dishes and cutlery and the stacks rose higher and higher. The answer was simple and helped me for years with a lot of issues: “Gather strength.”


He has said several things that for one reason or another I left out here and possibly I did not remember everything that has been said. He had been answering our questions for several hours until the morning light. The atmosphere had been calm and kind.


“I’ll have to go,” he said shortly before sunrise, “Alexander’s body needs something and I don’t know what it is.”

After he had left, Alexander had to quickly go to the bathroom. But before he went we were able to throw in some last questions.

“Do you also have a wife?” Richard romanticized.

I still remember his smile that can from deep within. A shiver of joy went through the whole body and he answered: “Yes, I do.”

That was actually the most impressive moment of our meeting with an angel.

To express my gratitude for his gesture to talk with us an entire night, I asked him what I could do to make him happy.

“I am already happy,” he declined. Of course he was already happy.

I let it sink in for a moment and tried again: “Is there still something I can do to add to your happiness?”

He smiled benignly: “Understanding me.”


These events lead to my determination to learn as much as I could about the true nature of our reality and ourselves. With deep respect I became willing to drop every notion I had ever picked up. Consider for a moment how odd it is, if this is all true, that in our world we know close to nothing about it. I was convinced. It was strike three. I was out.

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