Inner Senses – An aura of emotion around an object

Around the time of my first out-of-body experiences, I had for the first time a really clear perception of the energetic component of the world.
My house mate Alexander lived above me in his room in the attic. We would drink a cup of thee together most evenings and usually in my bigger room, but this day he did not show up, so I went up the stairs to meet him. I knocked and I had to repeat the knock several times before he finally answered the call. He had not heard me because of the large head phone on his head.

When I entered his room he was already again involved in listening. I was in a very soft and mellow mood and had been painting the whole afternoon. In his room something out of the ordinary was visible for me and clearly not perceived through my normal senses. I saw his stereo set, or better his amplifier in an white aura. And it wasn’t only a visible effect, it also had a strong sense of well being about it. What I felt from the energy around that machine was actually very pleasant. When I seated myself on the chair next to him, he looked up again and enthusiastically put the head phones over my ears. “Listen!” he said. I had almost no reason to listen, I did not at all like the music that he played, cheap computer generated music, but above all, there was something else that distracted me from listening. That same pleasurable feeling I got from seeing the amplifier now tunneled into my ears and massaged my ear drums very delicately. Jaw dropping experience.

He explained had just bought a new amplifier. Music was important to him. I could not hear what was so good about it, especially with the monotonous music he played, and it may have all been projection on his part. But I could definitely share in his feelings that I sensed in abundance.

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